Director J. J. Abrams (of Lost, Alias, Cloverfield, and Mission Impossible 3) made an exceptional achievement of breathing a new life to an otherwise classic cult of the 1960s. This is an accomplishment of unparallel proportions because he was able to please both Trekkies (fans of Star Trek) and newbies (younger generations that haven’t heard of Star Trek).

When we watched the movie, there was a sizable crowd, which is surprising considering the minute population of New Zealand. It is interesting to note however that majority of the moviegoers are adults, most probably people who have seen the original Star Trek series.

The movie boasts of a stellar cast of first-class actors. The plot is believable and well crafted.

Director J.J. Abrams also resurrected his “Cloverfield” monster in one part of the film. It’s a bit silly but I guess the director wants to leave his signature.

The action scenes were made in such a way that it looks authentic. J.J. Abrams added the exact amount of camera shake so that the audience feels the quick pace without the nausea. The special effects are amazing. I particularly liked the experience when the USS Enterprise enters and leaves hyper speed.

Simon Pegg playing Scotty provided the much-needed comic relief to the otherwise very serious tone of the movie. There are a couple of well-known Hollywood stars who did cameos in the film. Be sure to watch for it, because some are in the film for as short as a few minutes.
For people who are familiar with Star Trek, the last minutes of the film will be a treat.

I am a big X-men fan, and this Wolverine movie had me stoked. I watched the movie last Tuesday because movie tickets are so cheap on that one magical day of the week and here is my humble attempt of a review.

With respect to this movie, people can either fall into two distinct classifications: people who know Wolverine through the comic books, and people who know Wolverine ONLY through the previous X-Men movies. The latter would have no problem appreciating the film. It is the former, where the problem might rise. For hard-core Wolvie fans, in order to appreciate this film, you should suspend all prior knowledge and expertise in X Men facts, and accept the film for what it is: a visual candy.

Watch this movie because of the astounding special effects and the smashing (pun intended) fight scenes. Female viewers will get an extra treat from male actors with the “X-Factor”, if you know what I mean.

In terms of the plot, the movie branched out far away from the comics. I found the two-hour movie lacking when it failed to justify the mystery behind Wolverine’s dark past. Wolverine, in both comic books and movies, is constantly haunted by his supposedly sinister past, and I hate to think that this is it. Hmmm, it was not really thaaat ominous.

The movie balanced its shortcomings with marvellous, though bloodless, fight scenes. The fight choreographer did a good job of studying the fights in the comics, and translating it in flesh and blood, never mind that it is impossible. For two hours, it is advisable to set aside logic and physics, and bask in the fact that you are watching first-class superhero fights.

The support characters are all right I guess. They may have made a mistake in casting the actor for Gambit. Ryan Reynolds is awesome as Deadpool. He played the character exactly how I pictured Deadpool will be, and there are confirmed reports that Deadpool will be having his own solo movie in the future. I hope they will still make a movie about Magneto though.

By the way, when you do watch the movie, make sure that you stay during the credits to see two bonus scenes. The last bonus scene will give you an idea for the Wolverine sequel, which if I am not mistaken is already in the works.

I have been a Rusher since 1996. I can proudly say that I was one of the first Rushers. I was in University (UST) back then, and every Monday there is no school. I would wake up early just to listen to the Morning Rush radio program on RX93.1FM from 6AM until 9AM (until 10AM since 2009).

Rusher (Noun) - an avid listener/follower of The Morning Rush.

Personally, I follow the radio program because I get so much from it. Chico and Del are such excellent and eloquent speakers that you, without knowing it, pick up English pointers while being entertained. They would deliver the wittiest and funniest comments on mundane topics around.

The highlight of the radio show is the daily Top Ten wherein listeners get to participate by sending in entries to the topic. Listeners in the Philippines get to send entries via text messages while overseas listeners get to join via Twitter. Topics are sometimes serious, but most of the time, it ranges from loopy to green to outright hilarious. I recently crossed the dividing line between the “silent Rushers” and the “active Rushers”. With the help of Twitter, I get to participate in the Top Ten.

In the spirit of fun, I came up with my own Top Ten, “The Top Ten signs you are a Fan of Chico and Del”.

10. You secretly wish Chico and Del will realise they are perfect for each other as a couple.
9. You pick up and use “the thing is” when explaining things. You sound cooler and you seem to know what you are talking about.
8. You go to Burger King in Makati when you found out they will be broadcasting the Morning Rush from there and be consequently late for work that morning.
7. When you are in the university, you would bring those old, heavy and clunky Sony Walkmans with cassette player and radio just so you can tune in to the morning rush while travelling.
6. You would wake up early (6AM to be exact) even if you have no school.
5. You find it funny when Chico botches up English to Filipino word translations
4. You follow Chico’s famous blog and Del’s equally famous imaginary blog
3. You Follow Chico, Del and The Morning Show on Twitter.
2. You rack up your brain to come up with an entry to the Top Ten.

And the top sign that you are a Fan of Chico and Del…

1. You write blog entries just like this one.

It is never too late to be a fan. Everyone can tune in on the Morning Rush Show by streaming on the internet: In New Zealand, tune in from 10AM until 2PM; elsewhere around the world, check your local time. Chico and Del are the best DJ in the Philippines even better than the DJ’s in planet Uranus.

Check them out.
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