This is a heart-warming story of a journey of one Irish family from grief to redemption while adjusting to the life in the US. Told from the unique viewpoint of the incredibly talented 10-year-old Christy played by Sarah Bolger; it offers a fresh, innocent and surprisingly mature perspective in their life story.

The film takes on a whole range of emotions like grief, love, innocence, and acceptance, and it will not feel forced when you are watching the movie. You will honestly feel them through the scenes, dialogues, facial expressions, and musical score. Part reason for the story’s uniqueness is that it came from real life experiences of the director, Jim Sheridan, and her daughters.

The two children, Christy and Ariel, are the highlights of the film. Never have I seen such cute and talented actors. Ariel with her puppy eyes is so charming and unforgettable. Christy, though just ten years of age, has fire and wisdom in her eyes. They both exude first-rate talent.

The film was nominated and then accordingly won heaps of film awards as substantiation to the marvellous production this film is. This is not your average Hollywood film. This is a film of heart and soul. Watch this if you prefer an alternative to formulaic movies.

This is the first movie I have seen in 3D. Being a first, it warrants a review here in my blog.

The story is both quirky and silly: the US government employs Monsters to fight an Alien invasion. Most of the characters are homage to 1950’s horror/sci-fi films like the Blob, the generic flying saucer aliens and the 50-foot Woman. At times, it can be predictable, but the movie is very entertaining as a whole.

Seth Rogen as the voice of B.O.B. is the funniest character in the movie. Though the story focuses on Susan (or Ginormica, voiced by Reese Witherspoon), the other support characters provide funny moments as well. Hugh Laurie of the hit TV show House plays the mad scientist Dr. Cockroach Ph.D. Keifer Sutherland of 24 provided the rough and tough voice of the General.

The area that the movie shines the most is of course the visuals. The 3D is not much in your face type of 3D; it is more into the subtle depth of the pictures resulting in a brilliant movie experience. The 3D movies in Disneyland focuses mainly on novelty animations that seem to touch your face, where you feel you can touch everything. This movie however centres on 3D that presents characters as if they are in a live stage.

The actions scenes are continuous and breathe taking. Being a movie for kids, there is no graphic violence or death, but there is no reason for adults to enjoy the movie as well. All in the name of silliness, this flick will provide two hours of awesome videos, funny jokes and unadulterated fun.

This 3D movie costs $17 for a ticket compared to $10 for the non-3D one. Bit of a bummer though are the 3D glasses falling off your nose. They made it to fit everyone, making it too wide for people with smaller heads. It is a bit uncomfortable, but it will not ruin your movie experience.

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