You can feel the American ambiance when you step in a Denny’s restaurant. I was not able to check it out when we went to Los Angeles, but I have heard positive reviews about Denny’s Restaurant in the US. In that regard, Denny’s Resto in Christchurch is next in my review.

Being open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week is a great help for people who are hungry in the oddest times of the day. The place is clean and spacious. Parking is also easy and plentiful. However, unfortunately those are the only positive notes that I can give.

Food ranges from bland to average. There is nothing special or outstanding with the taste. I also feel that menus are overpriced. Orders take very long. Service is acceptable, but screams improvement. Adding salt to the injury is the obnoxious and annoying “security guard” stationed when we were there past midnight. He is very unfriendly, he frowned at us and he keeps looking at us as if we are stealing cutleries. I realize he is just doing his job but there is a way to do it without irritating people.

This is not a value-for-money-restaurant. I have no plans on eating there anytime soon.

Denny’s Restaurant is located 382 Moorhouse Ave, Christchurch, New Zealand. Call 03 365 5535 for reservations.

Verdict: Don’t bother.

Later tonight, UK and former British colonies New Zealand, Canada and Australia will be celebrating Guy Fawkes Night or sometimes known as Bonfire Night. It commemorates the failed Gunpowder Plot of November 5, 1605 wherein a number of Catholic conspirators, including Guy Fawkes, attempted to blow up the House of Parliament in London, England. His target was King Janes I of England, his family and most of the Protestant aristocrats. The Parliament at that time persecuted the local Catholics in England. He and other conspirators were caught and consequently tortured before executed.

It became mandatory in the UK to celebrate the night of November 5 every year as Guy Fawkes Night. It became a day of thanksgiving for the failed plot. Lighting bonfires and street festivities mark the events. They would usually make effigies of Fawkes to be burnt on the November 5 bonfire.

In modern times, people in Britain and other former British colonies still let off fireworks during Guy Fawkes Night. Here in New Zealand, the sale of fireworks was progressively modulated after cases of fireworks -related fires and injuries. I think it makes sense to ban personal fireworks altogether, and leave the fireworks to the professionals.

Some may argue I did not grow up in New Zealand, therefore, I would not know how fun fireworks are. Actually I do, every New Years Eve, the Philippines becomes a like a battleground from the fireworks and firecrackers. However, year after year, injuries are still very common, and there should come a time when it should be strictly regulated.

I am all for fun, but if “fun” results to damage to properties and injuries (not to mention animals are so scared of the noise), then I am out.

Today Americans decide on who will be the next president of the United States of America. It is a big responsibility because they elect one of the most powerful men on Earth: the leader of a superpower, the president of the US.

The opinion polls puts Obama ahead of McCain, but it is foolhardy for Obama to be overconfident at this stage. The results of the election will be revealed soon, but in the meantime, the financial crisis is not waiting for the results. Bush still needs to foresee the US until the announcement of the winning candidate. The new president will then have to take the reins of a nation facing difficult times ahead. The alarming rise in unemployment, climate change and the housing slump are a few pressing issues that the new president will face.

I personally prefer Obama to McCain, because I feel McCain will just continue the same government that Bush started (being both Republicans). It was the Bush administration that invaded Iraq in response to the September 11 attack when clearly there is no connection. The Iraq war that continually bleeds millions of dollars that should have been used for the restoration of the economy.

While Obama’s race should not be an issue, I am afraid it is. Racists do exist, and many will not vote for Obama just because of his race. There have been rumours of attempts for Obama’s life (reminds me to watch 24 Season 1). This is very unfortunate because the man is very talented and I feel he will bring change. He believes in global cooperation and development, and not dominance through bullying. He wants peace, and he wants to talk to nations that do not agree with the US policies rather than go to war with them.

This is not a mark of cowardice, rather wisdom.
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