I was not jumping up and down when the first GI Joe movie posters came out. Do not get me wrong, I am a fan of GI Joe, but I was thinking they would make a botched up job. It is a relief they proved me wrong.

All characters, Joes and Cobras, were given ample exposure in the film. Not unlike the X-Men films, were Wolverine obviously gets more screen time and dialogue. The movie is almost like a prequel because it depicts the history of the main characters. The characters are very interesting, both for a newbie or a fan (but more so for the fan).

I honestly do not find Sienna Miller hot but this movie is the exception. She takes a very different persona as the svelte brunette villain Baroness. Rachel Nichols is not bad either playing the resident GI Joe redhead Scarlett O’Hara. Hot hot hot!

Ray Park did an excellent job portraying everyone’s favourite GI Joe character, Snake Eyes. I feel Channing Tatum though was a miscast as the All American Hero, Duke. He is not the leader-type of a person.

Yes, the action sequences are over-the-top, but if you are making a movie based on a toy, it is only consistent to have those sorts of scenes.

In the course of the movie, you will sometimes notice a few crappy CGI’s here and there, but I think it is forgivable. They may have faced limited budgets, but in the end it is the actors and story that mattered.

It is but inevitable that the movie GI Joe: Rise of Cobra will be compared to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Both characters are from the 80’s era. Both movies came from a very popular toy line. Both are loaded with generous servings of CGI. In terms of special effects, Transformers has the advantage; because Michael Bay has perfected the craft. Unfortunately, a movie is not all special effects. For me GI Joe wins hands-down only because the story is both logical and entertaining.

The ending of the movie has closure; however, you would most likely observe the movie was all along neatly preparing the stage for the sequel, which I hope is going to be bigger.

A very worthwhile diversion and a fitting end to the US Summer Blockbuster season. A definite must-see. Now you know and knowing is half the battle. (Cue slow motion walk).


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